COMMUNISM OSHA Sends Worker Vaccine Mandate Rule to White House for Review

John Green

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Reading an article I came across early this morning I found out there have only been 56 "Covid" related deaths in the entire Military since Covid started. Yet we are going to jab every single military member with this non-vaccine to protect them?

Control is the word most often used to explain this, and nothing is more accurate.
Now take a look at military suicide rates.


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If they are arresting Senior American
citizens for just being outside Congress who never went in on Jan 6, and holding them without trial for 9 months or more, on misdemeanor trumped up charges, helen is correct, they are Crazy and could read that post to sound like OSAMA BIN LADEN. COMMON SENSE AND LOGIC AND THE CONSTITUTION, AND RULE OF LAW DON'T APPLY TO THEM ANY MORE.

They are lawless men with power and .authority but no accountability.
In that case if they want to arrest someone they will not need to pretend to read a post as an excuse.


Only worry about what you can control!
Now take a look at military suicide rates.
Yeah, I'm very sadly aware... But when the current military is run by people who say take a shot or get a dishonorable, it leads you to believe the whole system has become unbearable. I refuse any treatment from the VA, I swore them off years ago and instead stay employed with good private health insurance.

We will kill thousands of soldiers in a useless war, a place we don't even need to be, but if 56 die from a over-hyped cold we must put them all at risk with a BS jab that no one knows the long term effects of. Frag out?


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My daughter needed a job! So I hired her to help me in our family business. She was only 14 years old granted. But I put her on my payroll anyway, and worked her.

Then my CPA calls me up and says I can't work her! Because of OSHA and child labor laws!

Bunch of frigging BS!
This very simple. You don't put her on the payroll, but you pay yourself - and then pay her "under the table."

There are ways around this too. Some above table. Normally "gifting" is allowed up to $15K per person per recipient per year. So if you're married, there is $30K you can "gift" with no tax - there is not even a form for the IRS to fill out. And this does not include the "under the table" gifts of Christmas, Birthday, and "just because."

It's even possible to set up an "Education IRA" and increase the gifting AHEAD OF TIME for her educational future. This is similar to a regular IRA where you are gifting her "after tax dollars" which when she pulls for her education and gets to use Tax Free then. Education IRA

The CPA is right - but children have ALWAYS "helped out." It's what they do.



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. I refuse any treatment from the VA, I swore them off years ago and instead stay employed with good private health insurance.
I distinctly remember my dad. My uncle bud my uncle Bill and neighbor Herman all discussing the VA military hospitals. All four of these men were WW2 vets and bill was also Korea vet. Herman an bud we’re pacific theaters and dad and bull were European theaters lots of campaigns among them and no rear with the gear
Sicily. Anzio. Guadalcanal tarawa. Normandy hurtgen.
well. Anyway bud made the comment that going to the VA was as good as signing your death certificate. And they all went off about how lousy veterans treatment was. This would have been 63 or 64

don’t forget one va program for shell shock was frontal lobotomy