grand solar minimum

  1. Dennis Olson

    Solar Grand Solar Minimum part deux

    Since our resident chief racist von Koehler threw a fit, I had to delete his Solar Minimum thread. Feel free to continue on this one. I promise I won’t close or delete it.
  2. Doomer Doug

    WEATHER Polar Express Inbound Part 2 System shutting down from Bad Weather Dangerous Arctic Blast Puts Millions Under Freeze Watches and Warnings By Strange Sounds - Nov 9, 2019 Much of the Plains, Midwest and Northeast has dealt with a cold and snowy start to November… A...
  3. Doomer Doug

    WEATHER Bomb Cyclone Could Hit Northeast USA 10-16-2019?

    Anybody who lives in the Northeast here on timebomb, especially in the Boston area should keep an eye on this. "Bomb Cyclone" Could Strike Northeast Wednesday, Unleashing Intense...
  4. Melodi

    FARM Minister announces plans to import fodder - Ireland (feed shortages due to weather)

    Just a few days ago the government was saying that it was the "farmer's problem" but now that we are in for another night of "severe cold weather and rain warning" I gather they have realized that starving live stock is a national food security issue-farmers are unable to plant crops too - going...
  5. von Koehler

    Solar The Grand Solar Minimum (ORIGINAL)

    NOTE: After a discussion in the Lounge, I’ve “un-deleted” this thread. For whatever reason, von Koehler got all butt-hurt over this thread being open. No idea why. I overreacted by deleting it, so it’s been brought back from the dead. Feel free to copy anything from this thread to the new one...