HELP Constipation Help For My Son


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A tea called Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move. My daughter was told about it to help with cancer treatment constipation. When I needed something one day she ran home and brought me some of her tea. It works beautifully...very gentle, no cramping, works in a short amount of time. Very easy on the system. Prunes are a daily part of my life, but when something diabolic comes up, I go right to the tea.


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Magnesium might help. Mag citrate in the bottle if it's severe (it will cause diarrhea), or ionic mag glycinate (IIRC) in the form of CALM powder. He could take the CALM daily.
We use magnesium glycinate in conjunction with our mitochondrial myopathy/disease--its milder than citrate--which works too in a pinch. Prunes, water --less white flour.


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I do melatonin that crap will open the gates of smell. My friend has the same problem. But not everyone has that symptom


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Probiotics, prunes with butter, and lots of water. Also he may have a thyroid problem. Constipation can be caused when you have and Constipation an underactive thyroid called hyperthyroidism.

Hypothyroidism slows down many of your body's systems, including digestion and elimination. And unfortunately, some people can end up being chronically constipated as a result of their disease.


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Prune juice or pitted prunes really works for most people. Opioid pain meds really are terribly constipating (the only reason we've ever suffered from it). When I was hospitalized with MRSA, I kept a box of pitted prunes by my bed. I ate one with e ery dose of pain meds... never had any trouble with my bowels. Doctors were amazed.

There are a couple of newer drugs out that are supposed to help. Linzess and Trulance. Their major serious side effect is diarrhea! If he hasn't tried them, it might be worth a trial.

yes prunes or prune juice not the light prune juice


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Minimum 2 qts water per day, every day
black coffee, fresh fruit (2-3 servings) over the day
Exercise -walking usually is enough

Try that for a couple of days and if that all fails, the magnesium citrate


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I had double inguinal hernia surgery 3 weeks ago and they told me to take Miralax laxative. It's very mild and produces good results.