ECON CNN referring to normal life as "the before times"


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Are they talking about the general shortage of food in stores?.........or a social design in an attempt to change eating habits as a result of high levels of obesity and the drain on the health care system as a result?

Aside from the pandemic?

Or are some key ingredients of those specific items going to become more scarce?

Or....with another possible collapse of the options of eating out is there a larger than average demand on those items making it difficult to keep them stocked?

I wonder what the companies who make those foods are thinking?

Me thinks if it was a sugar and junk thing they'd attack fast food first..................but maybe it isn't.

Maybe the timing for my Solvent Green candy bar marketing plan is better than ever!!!

The bottom line here is that..............CNN are pricks...........


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BTCoin David

The “Before Times” is dystopian language & chosen for a reason They are laying narrative groundwork to prepare you for a world of shortages, scarcity, and incompetence This isn’t an accident
^^^This. It's language used for mental conditioning. Just like "the new normal" and other such ridiculous phrases.


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That’s retarded.

Trying to condition people by coining a phrase…it’s so obvious - yet I’m sure this will take off being they control media, public education, entertainment, etc.


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Wow … China Joe’s succeeds in 10 months ( helped by the Chinese / Fauci Trojan horse bio-attack) practically putting us down on our knees. Just wait … he has 3 years to finish us.

Expect all hell to break loose soon, going well into next year, just in time to make sure the Demonrats stay in power. They will not lose, ever again. The noose is tightening. Our destruction is being allowed to cross the borders at will, and sent throughout the country to put the next part of their plan in motion. They need something besides a virus for the next election in 2022.

The new green deal … we can’t even keep groceries on the shelf’s and the power on. There‘s zero way they can pull this off in the next decade. It’s another lie. The new green deal is the next part of their plan to further crush our economy as … before times. Making us dependent on them.

Hoarders ( preppers ) will soon be vilified, storing more than you need will be illegal. They know who we‘re.

I fully expect the government to start taking over every possible part of our lives, under the disguise of health crisis… you will be vaxed or no insurance for you. It will also be used to eventually come for our guns. Your family could very well unknowingly be a part of it. Don’t ever … ever … ever …tell any doctor or friend you’re depressed.

Remember what we had … we aren’t going back. TPTB control our young, hook… line & sinker. Boomers … they hate us.

The 4th industrial revolution is being implemented … right now.


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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Manufacturing and beyond - TM Forum Inform

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Manufacturing and beyond
This article is part of a larger report we created in collaboration with Fitch Solutions called The Fourth Industrial Revolution: How ready are you? Download it now for a deeper look into how ready enterprises are for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It’s not always easy to spot history in the making, but there is now a growing consensus that the technological advances taking place in areas as diverse as robotics, sensors, big data, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) together constitute a new industrial revolution, one that is at least on a scale with its predecessors. This Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), or Industry 4.0, can broadly be categorized as one in which computers and automation systems interoperate seamlessly as the formerly disparate physical, digital and biological worlds merge. In many cases, the glue in 4IR is 5G connectivity, which enables the harnessing of data at high speeds and low latency regardless of location.

Industry 4.0 involves a series of initiatives focusing on the digitization of manufacturing, and in this sense it clearly represents the next iteration of the three preceding industrial revolutions. It brings significant enhancements to industrial processes based on smart and autonomous systems and fuelled by data and machine learning (ML). Indeed, the most significant aspect of 4IR is surely the enhanced level of communication between computers and, ultimately, the ability to make decisions without human involvement. Through a combination of cyber-physical systems (CPS), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Systems (IoS), truly revolutionary change is now on the horizon.

Although 4IR and Industry 4.0 tend to be used interchangeably, strictly speaking the latter term refers to the concept of smart factories in which machines are augmented with wireless connectivity and sensors while connected to a system that can visualise the entire production line and make decisions on its own. The term originates from the German Industrie 4.0 concept, which had at its heart a promotion of the computerisation of manufacturing, and is currently used to denote the strategy aimed at making Germany the lead market and provider of advanced manufacturing solutions. However, like the previous industrial revolutions, this latest iteration has rapidly expanded beyond its original roots and gone global. Of course, 4IR’s impact on manufacturing alone will be great due to its ability to facilitate a new form of smart production in which intelligent ICT-based machines, systems and networks are capable of independently exchanging and responding to information in order to manage complex industrial production processes.

However, 4IR has much wider scope than just manufacturing, and there is the potential for it to have a significant impact in other areas too. Given that the fourth industrial revolution encompasses breakthroughs in fields as diverse as AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology and quantum computing, it is not surprising that its impact is being felt across a range of sectors. Yet, such is its importance that it could also force a rethink about how countries develop. There’s potential for policy-makers to harness 4IR technologies in order to create a more inclusive, human-centred future and for it to change the way humans live, work and relate to each other.

The fact that billions of people and devices will be connected with unprecedented processing power and storage capacity, and the growing availability of vast amounts of data, surely also provides scope for governments to engage more effectively with their citizens and to improve public protection. At the same time, it may lead to a reassessment of the way in which individuals consume, work and assess health services.

With its capacity to influence both the physical and virtual worlds it’s surely no exaggeration to say that the fourth industrial revolution has the potential to reshape much of the way we live our lives. Autonomous vehicles could transform cities and roads, freeing up space for more human-centred spaces, while new robotic technology could liberate workers from mundane tasks. And it could even reshape our minds and bodies, affecting not only our sense of privacy and how we interact with people but our very identity. Advances in biomedical sciences associated with 4IR, for example, could lead to improvements in health and longer life spans, as well as the ability to interact with people and objects simply by using the power of thought. Already radical innovations in neuroscience, such as brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), which are typically enabled via electromagnetic sensors, are emerging. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have demonstrated ‘smart limbs’ controlled in this way, and there is scope for the technology to be applied to the consumer realm too.


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Tells me they want us feeling the despair and uncertainty, probably a part of their approach to drumming up hate enough against anti-vaxers to move to the next phase of their plans to kill us off.

Food shortage aside, CNN referring to normal life as "the before times" has that dystopian feel that makes you wonder what else will be brushed under the "before times" rug.

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God has a plan, Trust it!
Maybe if you can, buy all the food for Thanksgiving now instead of the last minute. Turkey, buy when on "sale".
Already did! Turkey in the freezer (as is the Christmas ham), all the supplies for sides if we need to make some canned or frozen options instead of fresh, including a pie or two.


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has a certain "The Postman" ring to it
paging Kevin Costner----please pick up the red courtesy phone


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They love buzz words.
It’s part of their foundation for further brainwashing of moving deeper into their narrative of their created destruction to the chyt hole of their new normal.


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I just read the whole article.........this story is a nothing burger..............just lower supplies thannormal for a few niche junk and snack food items because of supply chain issues and labor shortage from the pandemic stuff............

Its not like you won't be able to get groceries..........or even junk/snack stuff........its just your selection of junk/snack stuff will be more limited than normal.

Hell........its limited anyway right now..........

........I haven't seen these things in almost a year on the


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If we didn't post and write about cnn, it might fade away. Their viewership is in the terlet. Who else finds their "reporting" sh*t? The only time they're mentioned is when they've made fools of themselves once again. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.

Here's some phony Gulf War coverage. Hilarious considering they're in the studio in the U.S.

Run Time 3:10



I think I can...
My grocery store looks the same. Not much is different at all where I live. Hoping it stays that way.


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Well Dang... from Wikipedia

The American Licorice Company introduced raspberry-flavored vines in the 1920s. In the 1950s, the name was changed to Red Vines and the companies branding was reimagined around this identity, with "Original Red" eventually overtaking licorice as the most popular flavor.[1]

In the Union City factory, wheat flour, corn syrup, citric acid, flavoring, and dye blended in vats then poured into barrels and cooled for 24 hours, after which it is extruded through a machine that forms the final candy. The factory can produce up to 1,000,000 pounds per week.

Their factory is just across the SF Bay from me, Had a girlfriend that lived in Union City. I'll have to do more checking. Your comments made me realized that I also hadn't seen any for months now.


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Words matter.

As painful as it is, we should do an occasional recon of CNN to assess what their next evil plan is. Lately they have been incessantly vilifying the unvaxxed. Oh, they have plans for us. No doubt.

I wonder if they ever wake up startled in the middle of the night with the thought that perhaps we have plans for them, too? Maybe “the before times” will be the years in which they ran their mouths without facing any serious backlash or consequences?

Be careful what you wish for, CNN.


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Sleeping Cobra, funny you should mention stocking up for T'giving now. Just yesterday, I was in one of our local chain grocery stores looking at meat. A woman (complete stranger) comes out with "I have a friend who works in the distribution chain for grocery stores and she said that we need to stock up on our T'giving supplies right now because there likely won't be any available due to distribution problems all over the country." Wowzers!
Sweetie and I have been talking bout what to eat and figure we need to start looking and buying now.


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This is simply another attempt to use overly simplified forms of propaganda on the public and thinking that most people are too dim to notice.

While some people are that dim, the general public these days has a lot more clues even if just from movies and TV than they did when this stuff was first cooked up seriously in the 1930s through the 1960s.

If things are just "too obvious" a message, a huge number of people do get it and either ignore it or make fun of it.

A perfect example was after Gulf War 2 when the US was trying to "establish" a US-centric government in Iraq and some bozo in the US Pentagon, probably with a bachelor in psychology read a "study" that showed how much information was shared by ladies when visiting the hair dresses. Also how in small towns the hair dresses often had a lot of influence.

So this military "advisor" gets the bright idea of "educating" local hairdressers on how to "influence" their clients into the great "messages" of Uncle Sam and the "New" Democracy.

This went over as hilariously bad as you can imagine and backfired spectacularly because it was forced, artificial, and totally loony-tunes.

CNN trying to use terms that might sound apocalyptic and even powerful in a well-written fantasy novel or good TV series, just sound dorky when used in this sort of melodramatic fashion.

A wise-old elder in an apocalyptic TV series might sound wise, profound, and draw in this audience as he talks to the young children about "The Before Times."

Said by a talking head on CNN it sounds like a really bad and overly dramatic joke waiting for a bunch of Facebook memes which it will richly deserve.

Like "Are you Too-Prepared?" it has a creepy side as well, but it certainly isn't presenting the intended propaganda message because in context it is simply silly.


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Words matter.

As painful as it is, we should do an occasional recon of CNN to assess what their next evil plan is. Lately they have been incessantly vilifying the unvaxxed. Oh, they have plans for us. No doubt.

I wonder if they ever wake up startled in the middle of the night with the thought that perhaps we have plans for them, too? Maybe “the before times” will be the years in which they ran their mouths without facing any serious backlash or consequences?

Be careful what you wish for, CNN.
Last week I had the teevee on and NBC evening news came on with lester holt and the crap he was spewing about Trump supporters was unbelievable... and these people believe this garbage!