1. Doomer Doug


    First, go check out my post on the China Threatens to Attack Taiwan thread. It is about the $200 million movie Xi the merciless had his "official" communist propaganda department design with Hong Kong film makers. It includes some serious Hong Kong acting and technical chops. After you do that...
  2. T

    CHAT Other Shortages (non-food) Thread.

    The latest post on the food thread about Insurance making them buy a new roof is scary. Mine is over 20 years now. Is there something in their policy? This is info that is a good heads up. And delivery not being available till August on the stove I wanted. So hope members can keep us in the...
  3. G

    ECON Report food and grocery price increases/shortages here: 2021 Edition

    This is a new/continuation of the thread from the height of the pandemic. Same thing or idea. Post up your grocery getting experience as we enter the year during pandemic and political turmoil. Shortages, runs, deliveries, finds, and what's new or back to normal at the grocery store, let us know...
  4. Melodi

    OT/MISC The "Read Between the Lines" Propaganda Thread - International Edition

    I am starting this thread because as some of you know, I make a point of trolling through the news each morning a lot of which comes from the UK and Ireland. In the UK it is perfectly legal for the government to "plant" stories the government "requests" the news broadcasts to do so. While it...
  5. H

    GOV/MIL Lawmakers Question Special Ops Leaders over Small Arms Shortages

    For links see article source..... Posted for fair use..... Lawmakers Question Special Ops Leaders over Small Arms Shortages Mar 01, 2016 | by Matthew Cox 83 comments Members of...
  6. skip8

    GUNS/RLTD "Here we go again !" Bud's Gun Shop ALERT on Current High Demand, Supply & Pricing

    Just received an e-mail alert from Bud's Gun Shop concerning VERY high sales the middle of February, and their advice on guns/ammo buying now and on into 2012. ~~~ After spending the first six weeks of 2012 attending various firearms industry shows, including the NSSF...