ALERT We Honk at Dawn, Truckers Convoy kicks off 2/23/22 in Barstow, Cali. DC OR BUST!!.


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Extreme mini-summary of important news from the rally:

1. No real specifics about what they will do in DC, yet
2. 8 am (EDT) drivers meeting tomorrow (Wed. May 18)
3. They will do "something" tomorrow, but they will not be going into DC -- the day's event will be announced at the meeting
4. It sounds like the trip into DC is still planned for Thursday

Sorry, I don't have time to summarize the rally! Yes, Santa dropped the mic at the end of his speech.
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Thanks for the summary. I just have listened to so many on the granular level, I can't do the notes any more.
And you're busy, too. There's just a ton of info to wade through. I had the rally running in the background while I was doing other things. We've been curious about how much they would tell the public about what's coming up -- not a lot -- which wasn't unexpected (and that's fine!)

We'll see what tomorrow brings.


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5/18/2022 / - Hargerstown bound! -The People’s Convoy

Started streaming 22 minutes ago

Grey Wolf

What are the objectives? 1 - End the state of emergency! 2 - Do not let title 42 to expire! 3 - return to energy independence!

(Interesting discussion with Grey Wolf: (1) no new donations since they originally left Hagerstown; (2) It costs him $1200 to fill up his tank; (3) He had to leave to make money to replenish his personal savings; (4) It has become too expensive to make the beltway run with trucks; (5) They need to draw in people to a huge protest rally or they are done with what they can do on the federal level. )


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Convoy around town to let them know we're back. We will not out-violence the government, but we can out-peace them. When they deal with peaceful protesters, they look horrible. Any conflict with an official walk away - stay peaceful. Asked to keep officers from pushing their buttons. If you get violent, you will bring this movement down. He feels this is our last chance. Any weapons will reflect badly on the movement. No weapons - including knives over 3" in length. Pepper spray is ok, but please don't use it or let yourself get provoked into it. Buy the gel. Wasp spray may be legal, but some lawyer will get you on a civil charge.

If you want to store your weapon, bring it to us disassembled

If you came here to do something else, get out. We are representing the people who sent us.

If one of our convoy is pulled over - every one of us will ease to the side, we are one. They are not going to pick us off one by one. This is civil disobedience - disobeying civilly. We have not handled this for too long and is has come to that. If you are arrested, we have no legal team. As long as we stay peaceful, he believes that the American people will respond.

Some will stay behind and set up the kitchen.

Some lady said we're in the blood moon, which means justice.

There are now 2 laundry ladies.

Big D is leading the convoy if he makes the pledge not to get them in trouble. One single line around the beltway. The mayor of DC has rented automobiles and they will try to mess with you. Get pictures, color, make, get license, stay quiet on the cbs. Bob tails, RVs, 4 wheelers. There are going to be merging people. Stay at 55, you will catch up. Let people get through to get off at exists. If you need to get off, turn your flashers on and exit with a convoy buddy. Zello channel - they have people listening who will note your location and make sure you are safe. If you have vehicle trouble, pull off and put your hood up.

Marcus: Get here. Don't just sit at home and watch. Be Alert. Don't engage with cars flipping you the finger, etc.

Tracy: Plea for men of America to stand up and fight for America. We need you here, now.

Sasnak: We are fighting with words not guns. Know the Maryland and DC laws, this is not back home. He is leaving to go back to work in Austin TX and honor his promises to the company with which he works.

12:00 midnight, the gate will be closed.


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Extremely Brief Summary of Tonight's Meeting (5/18)

1. Driving around DC today accomplished two things (per Santa [Dave Riddle]) -- he (and others) wanted to see how the police would treat the truckers and also the convoy provided cover for one person to go into downtown DC to look around.

[Meemur note: per Wizzy, on an earlier stream, there were 4 marked police cars and one unmarked police car escorting the Convoy. No bad police encounters but there was at least one problem with a DC driver brake-checking the fire truck that Wizzy*** recorded on his stream, which is no longer posted. I had it on about lunchtime.]

***[Wizzy is Chris of WYSIWYG TV -- What you See Is What You Get].

2. The convoy will be occupying downtown DC tomorrow. Santa stressed that children were not to go and that it was voluntary and that no one would think less of those who didn't go. He didn't give a specific time but it will be after 4 pm (EDT). There will be radio silence and no live-streaming. The raceway will be maintained as a staging area for those who will be joining them later.

There is NO exit plan.

3. He then asked those going to meet him behind the tent: no live streaming allowed.

This is per Wizzy's steam. Wizzy then came on and said he would attend that meeting and talk to viewers live later. Wizzy is good about keeping plans quiet, so I don't expect a lot of new information, if any.
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1:36:05 min

5/18/2022 / - Hargerstown bound! -The People’s Convoy

Grey Wolf

(Well, they're back.)

(Comment: I just watched Dave Walsh talking about the diesel shortage on the east coast. I'm thinking people may begin to resent big time the huge expenditure of a scarce resource on protests.)
If the trucks are parked in downtown DC, they won't be burning a lot of fuel, depending on the weather and how long they are there. At least it's not as cold as it was in Ottawa when the Canadians were occupying their city.

Again, we'll see what tomorrow brings. I know that I'm not privy to all of the plans, including what other groups might be doing to support this protest. I like to think that the organizers of the People's Convoy learned some lessons from Ottawa and won't be going in alone.
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Wizzy has a good narrative running. More vehicles joined the convoy after the speech last night. It is about Freedom. If you need to ask your overlord for permission to do something, you aren't free. There is a giant "garage sale" on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is not a surprise.

"Trust the system" has failed.

They are not going anywhere today.

Santa had a meeting, no livestreaming, but Wizzy couldn't hear.
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Just going on what I've been able to glean from the live streams, there will be several groups going into DC at different times. There are questionable people at camp, and there was a fight earlier between Big D and __ Squirrel's husband (don't recall her name). I watched just long enough to see it was unnecessary drama and switched it off. The vid was pulled down several minutes later, so I can see where a blackout might be a good thing.

Eric the Mechanic also was streaming for several minutes, but they made him turn it off.

I'm OK with the lack of info right now. "Nancy Drew" (Long-time DC streamer) is said to be on standby and keeping an eye out, along with several other citizen journalists, so if the regular streamers, like Wizzy, can't film, there are others around not associated with the Convoy who are DC street savvy.

To find streams:

Duckduckgo + live streams on Rumble (Google won't search Rumble)

I'm not a Twitch user, but there are some streamers who use it. Just search for live streams.

Yes, Gs are gone, as is Sasnak, and Mud Pig (I think he's coming back). Not sure what will happen with Grey Wolf. It sounds like he and Trench are keeping the peace at camp right now, but don't quote me on that.

I've got to go to bed, and I suspect the real action will be much later tonight.
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.34 min

#Canada 16 May 2022 #USA
United people of Canada and America at the Stanstead/Vermont border protesting immunizations and all health restrictions... People on both sides of the border demanded the return of revoked freedom guaranteed by both the U.S. and Canadian constitutions... !!!
The United People of Canada and America on the border in Stanstead / Vermont in protest against immunization and all health restrictions ... People on both sides of the border demanded the return of the abolished freedom guaranteed by both the American and Canadian constitutions ... !!!
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It's looks like Marcus may pulled the plug on TPC, per the press release on their web site.
(Added: per Wizzy, he was forced to do so by the other two organizers, [Added: Kris & Scott]

There's lots and lots of drama. I'm not absolutely sure what's going on -- I just got home.

Here's Wizzy's stream:

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On February 23, 2022, The People’s Convoy departed Adelanto, CA on a mission of freedom across this great nation. The support that was garnered on its journey to DC created a movement of extraordinary proportions. After arriving at Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, MD on March 4, 2022, convoy leadership engaged in numerous meetings with various legislators on Capitol Hill, while the convoy was circling the beltway raising awareness of The People’s Convoy objectives. While engaged in these meetings it became evident that The People’s Convoy battle for freedom would be quite extensive. During this time, we also became aware of the tyrannical 10 bills coming up for vote in California. A convoy meeting was held on March 28 where the convoy participants unanimously voted to roll The People’s Convoy across the USA to bring awareness to these bills as it traveled a southern route across the states back to California.

While in California, The People’s Convoy participated in the Defeat The Mandates Rally in downtown LA, protested at the California Statehouse in Sacramento, CA, and participated in multiple state rallies. The convoy rolled through Portland, OR on its way to Olympia, WA where we announced our promised return to DC. The journey began back across a northern route to complete our original mission to our nations Capitol. As we rolled eastward, we stopped to rally in Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio garnering more support.

On May 17, 2022, after 84 continuous days and 26 states, The People’s Convoy arrived at its final destination at Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, MD. As of 2:30pm EST today May 20, 2022, The People’s Convoy declares victory and announces its conclusion of the national convoy portion of this great movement. Any convoy and protest activity from this time forward is done on an individual basis and is not representing The People’s Convoy. We will be exiting Hagerstown Speedway within 7 days. Any future events will be announced on our social media platforms and our soon to be published website The People’s Convoy will remain active and will transition its focus on attending rallies and raising awareness at the state level. We encourage everyone to participate and become actively involved in The People’s Convoy state groups while leadership transitions National from a rolling convoy and focuses on growth within the movement.

We want to thank all who supported, donated and participated in The People’s Convoy. It’s been 87 amazing days!

God Bless America!


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There's a lot to process! If you can, see Wizzy's stream above before he pulls it down. He said he'll be posting some edited footage later.

In a nutshell, the two organizers above Marcus [Kris & Scott ] weren't truly supporting the work of the convoy, per Wizzy and decided to pull the plug on the convoy this afternoon. Marsh posted the press release above. They had Marcus make the announcement. There was a plan to go into downtown DC at 1 am Saturday morning (per Santa on the Wizzy's stream) but that's not happening now.

Santa asked those still with him to gather at the Home Depot parking lot at 8 am tomorrow.

Earlier in the afternoon, a lot of cars and several trucks left the fairgrounds with the fire truck (big D) in the lead. They were all PO'd at Marcus pulling the plug. Oreo was streaming. I don't know where they went. Maybe to re-group and then to go into DC.

Per Wizzy:

Marcus and Santa are "good" guys. Wizzy also demands that Brian Brase call
him and get his butt back to lead what this new convoy is going to become.
This isn't over.


Sorry if this is convoluted! Please see Wizzy's stream above. I've got a lot going on in the real world today.
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Live - The Peoples Convoy - Update LIVE

Live - The Peoples Convoy - Update
OreoExpress Published May 20, 2022

Now they have the state troopers there
Property owner says everybody leaves. She wants them all off.

The crowd is demanding a refund if TPC paid for 3 weeks $15,000 and they have been there less than 7. The livestreamers and others raised the money. Marcus and the guys in the bus separated from the non-profit, so they have committed fraud.

Police: There is no contract - no money exchanged.

Bus/Marcus says there is no money left

Crowd: They just committed fraud. We donated money for the lease that was never paid and we want our donations back.

Oops: Grey Wolf has sided against the crowd saying it represents a protest, not the movement he supports.

Joe: Do not harass Law Enforcement in any way. There was no contract. There are no squatters rights.

Police: The owner says no money was paid. It will be trespass if anyone tries to squat.
Marcus will come out and talk to them, then everyone leaves. Maryland State Police can handle any allegations of fraud and look at evidence. They would have to go down to the commissioner's.

(Note here that Lisa has another place for the convoy to go and many of them left with Santa to go there)

Marcus: He does not know who said $15,000, but he's heard the crowd say that often. We were looking at numerous sites to land to end the convoy. One was very pricey and we were able to lockdown this one by verbal agreement between Chris and Lisa. Lisa was to invoice us weekly, but we haven't yet received the invoice. He doesn't know who said they needed $15,000 or why, but I do know that we needed money to lockdown a location. It's $2,500 a week here, plus $200 for trash and then the porta potties.

He hope that helps everyone understand a little bit, He was confused, so he went back in because he wasn't sure where that number comes from. The reason we haven't paid anything yet is that we haven't gotten an invoice.

Right now, everybody packs up and leaves.

Crowd: Without the logs, we don't believe you.

Marcus: That's fine.

Crowd: Why did you say 7 days.

Marcus; Goes into the bus.

Oreo: The whole time they said in Ohio at the rally and on the radio to stage in DC that they needed $15,000. This isn't the end of the book for the patriots.

Joe: is herding people into preparing to leave by 10 pm.

Some guy is demanding his money back from Grey Wolf, who explains that he personally gave up a business to be here.

Oreo said a lot of people are done with a lot of people and realized a lot today.
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1984 is not fiction.
I watched a lot of video today and it was confusing. The conclusion I came to was that the originators of the TPC screwed the true believers that followed them from coast to coast.
It seems that you cannot trust anyone anymore; which stinks big time!


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I got that impression as well, Maisie. I did a lot of fast-forwarding and probably missed stuff.
Then again, I don't need the details of a lot of the personal drama. I was trying to understand the
larger issues.


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32:29 min

May 20 end of the peoples convoy in DC.

Mechanic Eric Peoplesconvoy

(Backgrounder before the blow up: The convoy officially announced that they had accomplished their goals to wake people up and get the state organizations up and running. They announced that the actual national emphasis was over - the convoy part is over. Their further involvement is not happening in DC.

They were told they had 7 days to vacate. Lisa told him the 30th. He won't leave until the ambulance is fixed because he doesn't want to leave her homeless. His mission was to not leave anyone behind. If they go to DC, he can't go because his truck is bubble gummed together and he has an appointment with a shop on Monday.

The blackout was supposed to be opsec so people wouldn't know they were leaving.

There are a lot of people mad because they would have peeled off closer to home.

He thinks Santa will go on to DC.

Marcus said that mission is getting state level groups up and running.

He heard that donations had dried up. That's part of it. He had heard rumors that things weren't going good. He just has to focus on his next steps now. )