Smoking Gun. Voting irregularties big time.


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I am personally either happy with the election or totally indifferent....Bush is not my boy but neither was Kerry...but the voting irregularites should be investigated and corrected otherwise we'll never have straight elections in this country again.

Smoking Gun?

Kris Millegan
Thu, 11 Nov 2004 19:36:46 -0800
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Forwarded with Compliments of Free Voice of America (FVOA): Accurate News and Interesting Commentary for Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free.

From: "Peter Dale Scott" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: November 12, 2004 8:20:34 AM GMT+07:00
Subject: Fw: Smoking Gun

Dear Mika,

Thank you! I have fowarded your post, with qualifications, to someone who is following these matters closely.

Dear Prez,

My son sent me this. I checked the URL and some but not all of the anomalies have been corrected. There is an article at (who are certainly not pro-Bush) by a staff writer called I think Manjoo, saying that a lot of the anomalies were just from sloppy first readings.

But the whole issue deserves being followed closely, I think.

>Subject: Fw: Smoking Gun
>Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 17:10:20 GMT
>Hi Peter,
>I hope you are doing well.
>I thought this might interest you.
>---------- Forwarded Message ----------
>You may have seen the associated press story about the precinct in Cuyahoga
>county that had less than 1,000 voters, and gave Bush almost 4,000 extra
>votes. But that turns out to be only the tip of a very ugly iceberg. Last
>night I got an email forwarded from someone who did some remarkably careful
>sleuthing, and discovered evidence which any reasonable court would
>consider sufficient to invalidate the entire Ohio election. Here's an
>edited version of the message I received.
>In last Tuesday's election, 29 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, reported
>votes cast IN EXCESS of the number of registered voters - at least 93,136
>extra votes total. And the numbers are right there on the official Cuyahoga
>County Board of Elections website:
>Check out the numbers for the following precincts:
>Bay Village - 13,710 registered voters / 18,663 ballots cast
>Beachwood - 9,943 registered voters / 13,939 ballots cast
>Bedford - 9,942 registered voters / 14,465 ballots cast
>Bedford Heights - 8,142 registered voters / 13,512 ballots cast
>Brooklyn - 8,016 registered voters / 12,303 ballots cast
>Brooklyn Heights - 1,144 registered voters / 1,869 ballots cast
>Chagrin Falls Village - 3,557 registered voters / 4,860 ballots cast
>Cuyahoga Heights - 570 registered voters / 1,382 ballots cast
>Fairview Park - 13,342 registered voters / 18,472 ballots cast
>Highland Hills Village - 760 registered voters / 8,822 ballots cast
>Independence - 5,735 registered voters / 6,226 ballots cast
>Mayfield Village - 2,764 registered voters / 3,145 ballots cast
>Middleburg Heights - 12,173 registered voters / 14,854 ballots cast
>Moreland Hills Village - 2,990 registered voters / 4,616 ballots cast
>North Olmstead - 25,794 registered voters / 25,887 ballots cast
>Olmstead Falls - 6,538 registered voters / 7,328 ballots cast
>Pepper Pike - 5,131 registered voters / 6,479 ballots cast

>Rocky River - 16,600 registered voters / 20,070 ballots cast

>Solon (WD6) - 2,292 registered voters / 4,300 ballots cast

>South Euclid - 16,902 registered voters / 16,917 ballots cast
>Strongsville (WD3) - 7,806 registered voters / 12,108 ballots cast
>University Heights - 10,072 registered voters / 11,982 ballots cast
>Valley View Village - 1,787 registered voters / 3,409 ballots cast
>Warrensville Heights - 10,562 registered voters / 15,039 ballots cast
>Woodmere Village - 558 registered voters / 8,854 ballots cast
>Bedford (CSD) - 22,777 registered voters / 27,856 ballots cast
>Independence (LSD) - 5,735 registered voters / 6,226 ballots cast
>Orange (CSD) - 11,640 registered voters / 22,931 ballots cast
>Warrensville (CSD) - 12,218 registered voters / 15,822 ballots cast
>The Republicans are so BUSTED.
>I don't believe anything I read in an unsolicited email, so I went to the

>URL given in the message, which is:
>Both figures are on the same webpage but not side by side like this. The
>registered voter totals are at the top of page, where there is also a link
>labeled "Ballots Cast", which will take you directly to the final election
>results. You can click or scroll back and forth to compare the figures for
>each of the precincts listed above. I checked the first few figures in the
>list and they were correct.
>This is the official website of the Cuyahoga county election board,
>providing irrefutable evidence that the vote was off by at least 93,000.
>Kerry lost Ohio by approximately 130,000, so this is not an insignificant
>figure that can be ignored, particularly when there are numerous other
>indications of voter fraud in Ohio and elsewhere. I think the only possible
>alternative is to invalidate the entire Ohio election, if not the entire
>national election.
>My thanks [EMAIL PROTECTED] where ever and whoever you are. You may
>have stopped Democracy from being murdered in the land of its birth.
>Teed Rockwell
>Philosophy Dept.
>Sonoma State University


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Looks like the voter turn-out in Ohio was much better than expected.

My brain tells me to be cautious of things that slip past the realm of comprehension.

Then I remember two space shuttles blown to kingdom come and a million dollar satellite send winging into deep space cause the cape was using the metric system and houston wasn't.

Yeah, that seems about right, we can expect this percentage of error.

I'm surprised the grid in the northeast hasn't collapsed again.

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Dude, like I'm listening to Veni Sancte Spiritus by Bleakwail right now, and about a minute into the song when they start doing the Gregorian chant thing, like that's cool, man. There is melody, you just need to be patient.