Misc Now here's a gal w/ ants in her pants


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I get what she is saying, the military industrial complex and the theory of hegemony. Her movements are a form of expressionist modern dance so she is a poet of sorts.

We were more effective as a constitutional republic than an imperial socialist oligarchy. WWI Pershing forsook the more effective tactics our army developed and used the human wave get massacred method to reduce our effective male population. Ike did that with D-Day as well.

Just because someone criticizes the Pentagon doesn't make them anti-American.
Federalists and mass mind control.


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Wonder if her degree is in interpretive modern dance? Remembering back to my college days all the weird gals were big into that. Made no sense, looked stupid like this gal did, and they thought it "made a statement".

Always find it amazing that these type of loons never mention that the CCP's China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world's developed nations combined!

If she is really a concerned eco-warrior- she needs to take her rat ass attitude over there and tell them what for.