New Members Check-In Thread...


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Welcome, Ya'll.

Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Flip the little light switch on the counter and someone will be along...eventually. :D
Hi, @RealAmericanPatriot (on Parler, Gab, @oneRadioPrepper on twitdom, am on FB and Mewe under my real name)

I am retired from the military, the MDA, teaching and working. I am an old communications officer from the USAF, I've been in Combat Communications, the White House Communications Agency and tactical airlift wings, and worked for Missile Defense for almost 20 years.

I live (normally) aboard a sailboat currently located on the East Coast. Recently (August) we had a hurricane which damaged the boat, and destroyed our docks in the marina where we lived, so my wife and I are living temporarily in a house on Oak Island until the docks are rebuilt.

The wife is, unfortunately, having her third go-around with chemo since a cancer diagnosis back in 2013. She has 5 more infusions to go this time, and we should be done in March we hope with that and marina back to more or less normal by end of March. Then can move the ship back. Mean time, I think I am going to look for a small home to buy for her to make her comfortable for the foreseeable future.

I was invited here by a good friend whom I've know for many years. I hope this is a good place to hang out.

I am an official administrator for another site, called "TransAsian Axis" which is similar I suppose to this site (similar software, and topics). That site has been around since, I think 2000ish or a little after. Some of you might know me from the Anomalies.Net forums and even ArtBell's original forums for Post-to-Post under my real name.

I write a blog called American Patriot Reality Check (which we're considering moving from the .com site of wordpress to a private site).

Anyway, I hope that suffices for an introduction. Best wishes to one and all.


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I’ve been a long time lurker, here and elsewhere. Dennis’s post encouraging people to go to the BS finally motivated me to jump in and join the community. I love to seek Information and truth. I have felt very alone during the last year. Most people I know just do life, don’t ask questions and believe what the “news” tells them. I’ve been verbally attached, my character questioned and lost friends and family. Mostly because I didn‘t hide my convictions but wouldn’t engage in fruitless conversations. Finally engaging in this community, I’m surprised at the sense of community I already feel. Thanks. I look forward to seeing what the BS is all about.