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I always imagined that brushing my daughter's hair would be a sweet bonding moment but instead sounds like performing an exorcism.
I laughed loudly at this because I was that child when I was almost 3, my baby Bro was born...I was mad at Mom because she came home with a baby and her pillow stomach was gone. I wouldn't let her touch me so Dad had to brush my hair. Dad was a Steamfitter/Pipefitter. Dad had very rough hands and though he tried to be gentle it hurt. I remember how it hurt and I cried and screamed. Still, for a few weeks I put up with it because I didn't want Mom touching me. Fond childhood memories...not.


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More fun is to buy the original version that is designed for higher power LEDs: TV-B-Gone Kit
Then swap out the LEDs for two IR diode laser modules, and adjust the colimating lenses "out" a bit (no longer a thin beam). Then aim it at the windows of whatever store you want that has a lot of TVs, FROM ACROSS THE STREET...

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