Eating in Spain


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A couple goes to Spain for a vacation. After a full day they decide to go to a nice restaurant. As they’re seated at their table, they notice the couple next to them gets served with a platter with two of the largest meatballs they had ever seen. They called the waiter over to ask what the dish is. The waiter explains they have good taste. The meatballs are actually the bull testicles from the bull fight earlier that day. The fella says, they really look good, we’ll have the same. Oh, sorry senor but there is only one serving each day. If you come early and place your order tomorrow morning, we will hold them for you. The couple come in the next evening and are served the platter with the “meatballs”. The guy calls the waiter over and says, these are really good but they are much smaller than the “meatballs” on the platter yesterday. The waiter replies, sorry senor, but sometimes the bull wins.