CRIME Bow and arrow crime on the rise in Norway


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Several people killed as man goes on rampage with bow and arrow in Norwegian town
By Lauren Lewis For Mailonline 15:01 EDT 13 Oct 2021 , updated 15:06 EDT 13 Oct 2021

Several people were killed and others injured by a man using a bow and arrows
Police arrested a male suspect after attack in Kongsberg, Norway, Wednesday
Officials said they believed the suspect was acting alone and several were dead
Several people were killed and others injured by a man using a bow and arrows to carry out attacks in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg on Wednesday, local police said.

'The man has been apprehended ... from the information we now have, this person carried out these actions alone,' police chief Oeyvind Aas told reporters.

'Several people have been injured and several are dead,' Aas said. He declined to comment on the number of casualties.


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Gosh, it was years ago, but I recall there was someone killing people with bows and arrows here in the US. Law enforcement said how difficult it was to track down that type of weapon. It’s not like there’s a signature ballistic test to match a firearm.

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The late great Fred Bear once said that if you look at it historically, since the beginning of recorded history more people have been killed by arrows than any other weapon, bar none. Considering how long it took to get from bows to bombs, I think he is right.


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Update: 5 killed, 2 injured in the attack in Kongsberg. One of the injured is a policeman. - Norwegian police

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#Update: Video from the scene in #Kongsberg, #Norway, showing you police calling the suspect towards the vehicles with his hands up, he has been arrested, police officers are investigating if it was terror related.

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#Update: A few pictures of the arrows he shot towards 5 people, killing at least 4 people from his crossbow,


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I don't know I would have the strength to kill that many folk in such a short time; guess I need to up my upper body workouts? :: shrugs ::


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all I wanna know is was it a fully automatic bow or not . . .
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Hmm. . .

This excerpt suggest they're looking at terrorism---and mention several acts of rightwing extremist attacks in recent years : (

“We are keeping an open mind, also that it could be a terror attack,” local police chief Oyvind Aas told an emergency press conference. Over a period of about half an hour the killer moved around several locations in the town of 28,000 people, including a Co-op supermarket where the off-duty policeman was hit. Norway has suffered several acts of terrorism by rightwing extremists in recent years including an attack on the then ruling Labour party’s youth camp as well as government buildings in Oslo in 2011 that killed 77. Prime minister Erna Solberg, who is due to stand down on Thursday before a change of government in Oslo, said on Wednesday night: “The news is gruesome. The events shake us.



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Suspect in Norway bow-and-arrow killings had been flagged over radicalisation

A Danish man who is in custody in Norway suspected of a bow-and-arrow attack in a small town that killed five people is a Muslim convert who had previously been flagged as having being radicalised, police said.

“There earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalised,” Police chief Ole B Saeverud told a press conference.
The victims were four women and one man between the ages of 50 and 70, Saeverud said.

The man is suspected of having shot at people in a number of locations in the town of Kongsberg on Wednesday evening.



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India and china's last dust up was with, or included, iron pipes. :shkr:

I am awful handy with those fence posts Imma poundin' in, and my small female form doesn't interfere with them as it sometimes does the bows :whistle:

..n speaking again of the bows, the link House gives to Tod's workshop (above) also has a great step by step tutorial on how to make yer own in the woodshop, no reason to think o' that o' course. .

What next after bow & arrows ?

Broad swords, battle axes, ball & chain & spears ??


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Norway attack victims stabbed not shot with arrows, say police
Attacker was armed with bow and arrows but five people who died had in fact been stabbed, police confirm
Police officers carry out investigations in Kongsberg

Police officers carry out investigations in Kongsberg last week. Photograph: NTB/Reuters

Staff and agencies in Oslo
Mon 18 Oct 2021 11.05 EDT

Five people killed in Norway last week were all stabbed to death and not shot with arrows as initially suspected, police have announced.

Four women and one man, aged between 52 and 78, were killed on Wednesday in the attack in Kongsberg, a town about 45 miles (70km) west of the capital, Oslo.

The attacker was armed with a bow and arrow, which he shot at several people, wounding at least one, but on Monday the police inspector Per Thomas Omholt told reporters none of the deaths was caused by the weapon.

“Five people were killed with stabbing weapons,” Omholt told a news conference on Monday. He declined to say whether these were knives or larger weapons.

“Some were killed inside their own homes, others out in public,” Omholt said.

Three other people were injured, including an off-duty police officer who was shot with the bow and arrow in the early phase of the 35-minute rampage.

According to the police, a “double-digit” number of people were shot at with arrows at the start of the attack. “At some point he discarded or lost his bow and arrows,” said Omholt.

Police said they were still interviewing witnesses. “Everything points to the victims being selected at random,” Omholt said.

Police had said initially that a man armed with a bow and arrow had committed the killings. They later added that other weapons were also involved. Omholt did not say why it had taken six days to clarify the situation.

The sole suspect in the case, named by police last week as Espen Andersen Bråthen, 37, is believed by investigators to be mentally ill and is being held in a secure psychiatric facility.

The death toll was the worst of any attack in Norway since 2011, when the far-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people, most of them teenagers at a youth camp.

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Why don't these guys ever pick on somebody who maybe can defend themselves? Because they are mooselimes. They prey on the weak and timid who won't fight back.