ALERT Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO on May 22-28, 2022


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ESG scores similar to China's social credit system, designed to transform society, think tank director says #FoxBusiness
"The average American has no power to force these companies to stop doing this," Haskins added. "You're going to be impacted by it whether you like it or not, and the rules could change at any time."

For those who are still unaware, the New World Order is about to be established in but a few days via The WHO Treaty. 194 countries voluntarily handing over their sovereignty to a World Governing body.
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If they're actually calling it a TREATY, then I want to see the Senate Ratification Vote on CSPAN.

I will watch and see if Pelosi tries to deem it passed from the other House.


Are you sure about that?
Based on the news on this Freerepublic thread:

It seems the proposed amendments are tabled for now. There are two troubling things:

1. This move by Team Brandon is outright Treason. What they could not affect by law, they hoped to affect by treaty, i.e., cede control of our country to another state. The liberals' handwaving aside about it being a "conspiracy theory", there is NO other logical conclusion.
2. This not only was meant to sink the USA, it would have meant tyranny for ALL WHO member states. Biden was acting as Judas in this matter. That SOB.

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Had to look it up. So, you think Biden is a "Jimmy"?

The Who - Quadrophenia
Nope the crowd in the picture is looking apprehensive before a confrontation with a rival group and the genesis of this scene, the movie and music is from a band ironically known as the "WHO".

Perhaps a symbolic cinematic moment as to what we are facing with this decision.


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I find the concept of their actions to be instantaneously viewed as treason, if our .gov plays the game. As it is, our corporations are all in, is this sedition? Given we know the plans they have for us, is the ball not in our court? What referee is going to step up to the plate and make the call? Basically that's what is missing. A powerful authority to call a spade a spade and sick the population on them. The proof is six feet deep, there is no doubt of their agenda. It's as anti American as anything on the planet..or in the heart of satan. Gonna suck bigly, soon enough. They keep digging their own they dig ours.... history shows where this is going. Hundreds of millions to billions are about to die.