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It seems with the defunding and elimination of whole police departments, foreign terrorist could now successfully pull off a major attack. Now, more then anytime time in recent history (post 911) our 2nd amendment rights are of the utmost importance. Are the Minutemen prepared to fight to protect our nation?

I have a gut feeling that a soft target attack is imminent like a school or mall. I would still like to create a group of volunteers to protect church’s and their congregations.


Res ipsa loquitur
If Biden becomes the president, the patriots will be fighting their own government, not just foreign terrorists...

unfortunately this is ALMOST 100% correct - the reality - is we are going to be fighting REGARDLESS - and that day is now near at hand.

we did not ask for this - it is being thrust upon us. there are times in life when we must act - whats ahead is such a time. many of us "have known" that we would be participants in this. for some that "knowing" has been present for a great length of time. I have "known" since I was in my adolescence. recognizing this I did what I could to prepare - mentally and physically. a portion of that required (war)game planning and strategizing. I acknowledge that my "plans" evolved considerably over those many years. despite that fact, what's happening as I look around me is not at all what I had anticipated. the landscape is now changing so rapidly that the most important thing we can do is to be M E N T A L Y prepared as well as S P I T U A L Y prepared.

Jeff B.

Don’t let the Piss Ants get you down…
Some are, I feel that the biggest issue will be our initial lack of coordination due to the necessary wariness about organizing. Of course, there’s damn good reason to suspect someone that wants to get a group together if you don’t know them really, really well.