A simple poetic reason


Has No Life - Lives on TB
I normally don’t say much they say, and you won’t hear me on the podium.
Just like most other non-speakers it was mostly my friends that I would complain to.

My first fight is against Abortion, much like a cancer it’s hard and tough.
Demanding God leaves the schools, the public and now the Anthem is really quite enough.

You weren’t in my house to see me cringe as the first gay couple gave their wedding kiss.
This country I loved that was spiraling, is now in diving mode, down the dark abyss.

It seemed rough and dark as I tried and tried to claw up that slippery slope.
Slick and slithery it was with Loudmouths and Exit Polls giving little hope.

Imagine the shock and awe that greeted me as I woke up the next day.
Kerry the defender of all the above had LOST not by much, but that’s OK.

I high-fived myself and thanked the Lord with a hugging prayer,
Oh me of little doubt, I should have known He would stand down the Liberal’s glare.

Don’t know why but more and more I realize with His help I should also add,
The reason is too simple yet at the same time also very sad.

The obvious is occurring and though I’m no mathematician I know the percent.
Liberals killed their future voters and well, we know where the Gay’s future voters were sent.