The Corkboard: TB Community Center

The meeting place for the other side of TB - the community of members. This is the section for personal posts and discussions that aren't globally newsworthy or better placed in a specific SIG.

Media Center

Here we post information on books, movies, TV and the like, which would be of interest to Members. This information includes synopses, reviews, where to buy, and price.

Block Party

This room is for plain old "off-the-wall" fun & frolic. Not jokes necessarily, but just a place to fool around. This is an "anything goes" forum, and is members-only. (NOTE: Posts in this room do not increment your post count.)

Member Suggestions and Feedback

Here is where to post issues relating to improvements you want to see, either in the structure or management of the forum. Plese don't use this room for rant-fests. Constructive criticism and comments will be studied; rants will be deleted.

Animal Magnetism

A place to talk about your furkids and featherkids, post their pics & generally brag about them.
There are no threads in this forum.